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Jewelry care

MØSAIS jewels are designed to last and to accompany you throughout your life. Just like tattoos, you will appropriate them and they will evolve. The oxidation colors as well as the sheen might change throughout time for example.

Some prefer to see their jewels maintain their original condition. This is a very personal choice. For those of you in this case, we recommend the following:

• Handle your jewelry with the utmost care
• Avoid scratching or dropping your jewels
• Remove your jewels while cleaning to prevent exposure to chemicals as well as any potential damage
• Do not wear jewelry when you exercise, swim or go to the sauna or steam room
• Avoid exposure to sulfur, chlorine, and mercury contained in some cosmetics as they can darken silver jewelry
• Clean your jewelry with a soft cloth and use silver dip to remove tarnish
• Keep your jewelry in a dry and dark place, after putting each piece in a separate plastic bag or a special cloth bag

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